From Managing Director’s desk

From Managing Director’s desk

Our company has linked its growth with the growth of the society and it continuously strives to ensure that the end users needs are met by providing quality decorative and industrial paint products.

“The Paints of Nepal”

What drives us is our understanding that what is good for our customers today is not necessarily good enough for them tomorrow.What excites us is asking the unasked questions. What inspires us is seeing the opportunity others cannot. What unites us is the intelligence to deliver where others have not.

At Tirupati Paints, our professionalism and total dedication, we look upon business not merely as a source of income but also as a way of life putting out talents to best use and giving joy to thousands of our cosumers.Our motto has been always to give best quality products to our customers and their satisfaction. This Quality Manual showcases the ‘Quality Management System’ adopted by Tirupati Paints Pvt.Ltd. It covers the quality related activities, management responsibilities, document control, process control, inspection – testing control of non – conformance, corrective and preventive action, Training. Etc. It also serve the purpose of establishment of well structured Quality Management System of the company making best use of available resources efficiently and effectively, compliance with the provisions and objectives.

I thank our dedicated work force without whom it would not have been possible to bring this manual into its present form.




Managing Director.